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Perform is a joint initiative of Theatre Nova Scotia, Dance Association of Nova Scotia (DANS), and Nova Scotia Choral Federation (NSCF) which brings together practising performing Artists with teachers and students in public and private schools across Nova Scotia. Its primary goal is to enhance learning by involving Artists in the delivery of Drama, Music, and Dance curricula.



  • Improv Encyclopedia
    The Improv Encyclopedia is an excellent collection of Improv warm-ups, exercises, games and long forms – as well as discussions of various improv styles. Available in (.pdf) format from their site. Download it, you won’t regret it!
  • Canadian Improv Games
    The Canadian Improv Games is a competition between high school teams trained to perform spontaneous, improvised scenes. Over two thousand students in hundreds of high schools across Canada play in the Improv Games every year. Teams compete in leagues, regional tournaments and in a weeklong national championship at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.



  • Theatre Nova Scotia
    Theatre Nova Scotia is a non-profit organization committed to encouraging and supporting all aspects of live theatre in Nova Scotia through programs and services. Contains up-to-date information on theatre events across the province, programs accessible to the public schools as well as a listing of professional and amateur theatres.




Drama Teacher Web Sites

Below are a list of EDANS members who have volunteered to share their resources online.

  • Aren MorrisSackville High School – Aren’s site contains information and resources for Drama 10, 11 and 12, as well as Arts Dramatique 10
  • Grady’s WebHosted by Jonathan Grady, Cole Harbour District High School – Contains a variety of assignments and activities for Drama 10 and 11. Many assignments and rubrics in the “Teachers” section.


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